Sunday, March 6, 2011

A different kind of #winning

Forget Charlie Sheen.  James Franco has established what it really means to be "winning."  Hint: it has nothing to do with tiger blood, goddesses, or money.  James Franco is proving himself as the best multitasker ever... and is putting all of our "I'm too busy" excuses to shame.

In a recent New York Times article highlighting his dedication to everything he does, Lisa Foderaro revealed that James Franco made it to his 9:00am doctoral class the morning after he hosted the Oscars with Anne Hathaway.  Any college student would think he's nuts--why wouldn't he stay and go to all the parties? But Franco proves once again that he's dedicated to obtaining his doctoral degree in English.  Any doctoral program is grueling itself, but add movie-star and another master's degree program at NYU, and you're just asking for stress.

Franco's online presence has made it easy for anyone to follow his daily adventures.  He posts pictures and videos of things he's up to via his twitter, but without any accompanying text.  There are also websites and students at Yale committed to reporting sightings of him around campus.  Which by the way, his residence is in New York City... and Yale is in Connecticut.  Talk about dedication.

As a student who tries to stay busy and on top of my work, it's unbelievable how he manages to do so many high-stress and high-commitment things at once.  He should really be teaching a class about time management, not film editing.  He's a true multitasker and deserves way more credit than he gets (especially after his okay hosting of the Oscars).

credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


  1. Pretty impressive in my opinion. I completely agree with you on that most college students would have skipped class to be apart of all the Oscars hoopla! I follow him on Twitter and I was surprised to see that only an hour after the Oscars ended he tweeted a picture of him on a plane heading back to NYC.

  2. As future Professor Franco says "I *love* doing things!" ;-)

  3. I agree, his ability to multi-task is amazing, but he does have the right means to do it all. It takes alot of initiative and drive to organize everything and it also takes alot of experience, which he has.

  4. I have heard about how James Franco was a great multi-tasker before, but never heard any details as of why. This is pretty crazy and puts all my excuses as to why I can’t juggle 5 classes and an internship to shame. It really shows how committed he is, and I bet that he will have plenty of opportunities to come from all of his hard work. It is good to see a celebrity living the life of a normal American but Franco is proving he can go beyond this!

  5. I knew that he was in school and on GH but I never realized how much time that would take. I'm a double major and I work everyday and I think I'm busy. But James Franco makes me seem like I'm taking the easy route. I thought his hosting job was "ok", but that was before I realized that he still had class at 9 a.m. the next day. So what is Anne Hathaway's excuse for her performance at the Oscars?