Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bloggers: The Next Generation

When I heard that the New York Times was going to start charging for digital subscriptions, I immediately worried and was not excited at all about this new development.  While the fee isn't much (comparatively) and the motives are understandable, I still wasn't happy that I would have to pay to read the articles I see on twitter every day.  Then I learned that articles made available and linked to through their official twitter feeds would still be available to the public, and I felt much much better.

It is easiest to get my news from my twitter feed than any other way. I wake up every morning and before I even get out of bed I check my twitter feed.  There I get to see what's going on with friends, brands, and news  before I turn on the Today Show while getting ready.  Throughout the day, I normally check twitter now and then plus tweet a few times if I find something interesting or have something exciting to share.  It's become a habit to get my news and read online posts almost solely through tweets with links, and that's why I when I found a New York Times article (through twitter) about how blogs are not as popular with younger generations, I found myself agreeing.

Though blogs are normally pretty brief, I find it much easier to find something I want to read by going through twitter, and not just searching until I find something relevant.  I try really hard to use Google reader daily, but the fact of the matter is that it is much easier to read twitter than anything else.  Twitter is brief, mobile, can include videos, pictures, links, and it allows for instant interaction.  Unless you have gotten into the habit of reading through blog posts daily, the instant gratification of scrolling through tweets is hard to beat.  The future of blogging is going to all about how bloggers tweet and link back to it... in the shortest and most creative ways possible.

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