Sunday, April 3, 2011

Online Personalities

Chapter 12 of Engage has been the chapter most relevant and helpful to me as I debate on how to handle my online personality.  As I have been applying to graduate school as well as making professional connections, I've been struggling to decide how I should come across online. My facebook has been around since I was in high school so there's lots of old stuff on there, and my twitter was originally started for personal purposes as well.  As I've learned more and more about social media and personal branding, it's been hard to decide if I should be strictly personal or strictly professional.  I think I'm beginning to suffer from Multiple Online Personality Disorder.

My twitter followers get quite an array of tweets, and I'm not sure that I am coming across very well after reading this chapter and really looking at my followers, who I'm following, and what I retweet.  For example, I retweet a lot about sports as well as interesting facts about New York as well as interesting social media and  PR topics. It's easy to see that I'm suffering from a little bit of multiple personality disorder.

A recent topic I've become interested in is student affairs/higher education, and those who are starting to follow me can look at my past tweets and see quickly that this is a recent interest.  However, I still would like to have my personal interests on twitter, so it's hard to figure out what I should do about this new online community I've become interested in.  Through the advice of Brian Solis, I think that I am going to manage this difference in interests by creating a new blog and twitter for me to engage with this student affairs community professionally.  This way, I can keep my personal twitter about sports, friends, and restaurants separate from the professional relationships that I'm hoping to build.  When I do this, I will definitely be looking back at the tips given in order to make sure I establish good brand pillars and characteristics as a student affairs graduate student.

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