Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finding Your Way With the Social Marketing Compass

I am loving all of the diagrams in Engage! by Brian Solis.  As a visual person, I have been looking up some of the charts and diagrams online to get a better feel from them, and I am not disappointed by the results.  As with the Conversation Prism, the Social Marketing Compass is a helpful tool for current students to begin to comprehend and understand the importance and detail that goes into brand management through social media.  

This diagram would have been helpful last semester when I was working on a group project that involved creating and implementing the beginning steps of a PR plan revolving around social media for a local non-profit.  While my team understood what social media outlets might be best for the organization as well as basic ways that they could utilize these outlets, we by no means had an understanding that was this in-depth of the brand, their stakeholders, players, platform, channels, and sentiment.

As PR students, I don't think we were quite at that level of thinking yet, but as I go on in my classes, I am leaving them with a better understanding of the mindset it takes to create real and meaningful social media interactions and plans for a brand or organization.  The details and time it takes to do proper research can seem overwhelming, but with diagrams, advice, and guidance from books like Engage (and all of the visual aids that go with it!) PR students everywhere can learn what it really takes to succeed in new media.

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